Being Represented Properly

What Should You Consider Before Closing On A Home?

As a homebuyer, you will quickly discover there are several items you must remember to ensure the closing goes without a hitch. Unfortunately, not all homeowners remember those items, and the closing is sometimes delayed or the seller decides to sell the home to someone else. If you are home shopping, here are some items to […]

Real-Estate Attorneys: A Brief Primer

Are you looking to purchase a new home? One of the best things you can do for yourself in order to keep your legal ducks in a row is to hire the services of a real-estate attorney. Read on and discover just a bit more about why you should at the very least consider hiring […]

4 Estate Planning Tips For New Parents

When you’re bringing a new life into the world, the last thing you probably want to think about is your eventual death. But as a new parent, it is important to take estate planning seriously in order to ensure that your child is protected in the event that you pass away before he or she […]